Our 5 Year Performance Guarantee

Quality Performance Guarantee

Vision Office Systems, Inc. guarantees the ability of the copier to copy those originals on which your purchase decision has been based. Provided the copier is covered by our authorized maintenance agreement, Vision Office Systems, Inc. guarantees continuous performance. If we are unable to repair the machine in your office we will provide you with a loan machine until the repair have been completed or your copier has been replaced by a new machine.

Service Guarantee

Vision Office Systems, Inc. guarantees the availability of trained full-time professional service personnel during regular working hours to repair and maintain your equipment at all times.

Manufacturing Quality Warranty

Vision Office Systems, Inc. applies the highest workmanship to the finest material available and warrants all photocopy equipment and supplies against defects in materials and manufacture.

Guarantee Period

The guarantee as stated above will remain in force for five years provided the customer does not abuse or neglect the machine. Although it is not a condition of this Performance Guarantee that onVision Office Systems, Inc. authorized suppliers be used in conjunction with the machine, Vision Office Systems, Inc., accordingly, recommends its customers use only such supplies.