Charlotte Copier Sales: December Decisions for 2016

Charlotte Copier Sales

Companies all over Charlotte are looking at copier sales, looking back at their budget, and wondering if that's the right choice. What if a multifunction printer would suit them better? We'll break down the pros and cons for you, making your research a little quicker.

Where Copiers Win

Copiers do have some perks. They can be more affordable than an MFP, due to less functionality, and they take up less space. Of course, that depends on whether it ends up in your office. If it's in Jim's down the hall, you're good! So to sum up, copiers possess these desirable qualities:

  • compactness
  • simplicity
  • network connectivity
  • document duplication

They're simple, easy to use, and you can duplicate documents all day if you want.

Where Multifunction Makes It Great

So if you happen to be Jim down the hall, you're stuck with a clunky copier on your desk or shoved on to a precarious card table in the corner. You have to use it, and so does the rest of the office. Or perhaps there are multiple scenes just like yours, and your company has to maintain all of them. A multifunction printer allows for a central location for all printing needs. It's main qualities are:

  • multiple abilities including scanning, faxing, printing and copying
  • increased security measures including passwords entered before printing sensitive documents
  • a central location for printing
  • a single machine to maintain and supply with paper and toner

Now, what are your needs as a company? If you're still unsure, we'd love to talk with you about your options.