Copier Acquisition: Buying vs Leasing

Charlotte Copier Sales

When acquiring a new copier, there are many factors to consider. Moreover, one of the biggest is whether to purchase or lease this new piece of office equipment.

Since there is so much to take into consideration, here are some guidelines for leasing and purchasing a copier or multi-functional printer (MFP) in Charlotte.

Payment Flexibility

Leasing offers flexibility regarding monthly payment--you can create your lease based on how much you can afford monthly and stretch it out over the length of the lease (typically, between 12-64 months).

At the end of your lease term, you have the opportunity to purchase the copier or MFP for either fair market value (FMV) or $1, depending on your lease type. FMV leases are the most common option in the copier industry, enabling the lessee to take ownership of the for its fair market value at the time the lease terminates.

The "dollar out" option differs in that the value of the copier is assessed at the beginning of the lease, which typically results in higher monthly fees. At the end of the lease term, you can purchase the machine for $1.

Factors to Consider

Many companies prefer leasing because it frees up capital that can be put to other uses. When you buy a copier outright, you own it immediately from when you pay for it. If you only need a copier for a very short term--an event or seasonal occurrence--consider a short-term rental.

Service agreements are another important factor to take into consideration. Service agreements cover everything from page volume to toner, parts, labor and consumables. Combining this warranty with your lease means you will get just one monthly invoice. Don't be misled, however, you can still get a service contract even if you purchase a copier.

Overall, leasing certainly has advantages over purchasing, but keep in mind that the value of having options lies in the fact that every business is different and has unique needs. If you are in the Charlotte area and have questions about purchasing or leasing a copier, contact Vision Office Systems.