Key Benefits of Print Management

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Your imaging equipment is critical to your daily business operations, but managing a fleet of devices can be a hassle. For companies with small IT departments that are already spread too thin, print management can quickly use up valuable IT resources.

Ignoring your printers and copiers isn't an option, either. Mismanagement of print environments can lead to an increase in spending, much of which goes undetected.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

If your IT team is the company go-to every time there's a paper jam or an empty toner cartridge, you've already got a problem. Outsourcing your print management to a Managed Print Services provider can help your business save as much as 30% while allowing your IT staff to get back to mission-critical business objectives.

Some of the benefits of Managed Print Services include:

  • One monthly cost-per-page for all print-related expenses.
  • Reduced need for in-house IT intervention.
  • Expert, on-site service for imaging equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of devices for reduced downtimes.
  • Automatic reordering of consumables.
  • In-house cost-saving measures like default settings to reduce unnecessary printing and equipping employees with smart cards.

Get Your Employees On Board

When employees are unaware of printing costs, it's unreasonable to expect change. Get your staff members on board by informing them of the difference even small changes can make. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think before you print. If a document can be shared digitally, skip the printing process entirely.
  • Is the document worth a trip to the printer? Documents that are never picked up from print trays probably shouldn't have been printed in the first place.
  • Do personal printing at home. Establish rules to discourage the printing of personal or nonbusiness-related documents on company-owned devices.
  • Use color sparingly. Default settings to black-and-white printing can help reduce unnecessary color printing.

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