Make Compliance Automatic with Document Management Software

Document Management Charlotte

Protecting client data is important for all Charlotte businesses, but for financial institutions, it's a top concern. When financial documents are generated in paper form, these concerns can multiply rapidly. Paper-based information is difficult to secure, expensive to produce and store, time-consuming to share, and becomes a liability when institutions hold onto it longer than regulations require.

Reduce Your Compliance Risks

It's easy to see why so many Charlotte financial institutions, as well as finance departments in businesses of all sizes, look to electronic Document Management for help.

Understanding the rules attached to the paper documents that flow in and out of your organization is critical to reducing concerns about how they're managed. From client correspondence to sensitive account data, financial institutions and departments are required to keep it from unauthorized users, both within and without their organization.

Electronic Document Management makes the entire process simpler by automatically applying the rules and regulations to every document and corresponding workflow. Document Management allows financial officers to concentrate on customer service and core business objectives while reducing the risk of overlooking any required compliance regulations.

The Benefits of Document Management

Digital Document Management delivers new levels of productivity due to increased an ability to securely store and retrieve sensitive customer files and the information they contain. The results are improved workflows, lower costs, and an increased ability to meet government compliance standards.

  • Secure applications allow authorized users to access information from any location.
  • Clients can access their accounts by providing their secure login passwords and other credentials.
  • Both clients and employees can search for, locate, and print documents with simple, secure processes that take just a few minutes.
  • Secure audit trails show who accessed a document, what changes were made, and when they happened.

To find out more ways Document Management Software can help your Charlotte financial organization meet regulatory requirements, improve productivity, and lower costs, contact us at Vision Office Systems today!