Managed IT Services of Charlotte: Disaster Recovery

Managed IT Services of Charlotte

We've been hearing it, saying it, and sharing it for most of our lives: "better safe than sorry." Yes, we all know the saying--but oftentimes, like most of our treasured proverbs, it's easier said than done. It's not always easy to plan for the worst, not least because we'd really rather spend our time thinking about sunnier futures, but it's a crucial aspect of every business. Take, for example, everything covered by IT. Computers, printers, copiers, memory, files, crucial data--what would your company do if a disaster crippled IT? Most of us would probably rather not consider the aftermath, and with IT disaster recovery, we don't have to.

The Importance of IT

Before we get down to the details of disaster recovery, let's back up for a moment and consider why it's so important. The answer, of course, rests in our reliance on technology. Think about everything saved on your computer. Think about how difficult communication would be without a reliable printer. Essentially, think about a world where your technology is unreachable and useless--because, unfortunately, this is exactly what would happen in the event of a disaster, whether digital, natural, or human-made. Disaster recovery, however, can keep this grim prophecy from coming true.

IT Disaster Recovery

The truth is, you need IT disaster recovery. Why? Here's a quick look!

  • Costs. Let's be honest: the cost of data recovery is only going to be a fraction of those costs incurred during a disaster. Paying for disaster recovery now is a lot cheaper than paying for loss, manual labor, wasted hours, and hassle if a disaster should strike.
  • Reliability. If you're hesitant to implement disaster recovery because of those terrifying "what ifs," don't worry. Disaster recovery plans can be tested any time, displaying readiness for a variety of possible issues and proving that, no matter what the situation, your technology has a reliable protector.
  • Functionality. When you're considering the aftermath of a disaster, it all usually boils down to one question: what needs to come back online now? With disaster recovery, those things do come back online. Whatever you need immediately, whatever you rely on most, is right there and ready to help out.
  • Data loss. One of the biggest problems in a disaster is not immediately obvious--rather, this is a slow, slinking sort of trouble. Data loss probably isn't the first thing you'd think of in the face of a disaster--you'd probably be more focused on the physical losses, like machines and wires--but sooner or later you'll find yourself missing that data. Disaster recovery plans protect your data now, and recover lost data should a disaster occur.

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