Santa's Litle Helper: Document Management

Document Management Charlotte

It's almost Christmas, and maybe you're hoping he's so busy that he'll forget to put you on the "naughty list." But sorry, I have bad news for you. Santa Clause uses document management.

An Elf's Best Friend

Elves have been working hard for years, reading all of those letters to Santa, responding, taking note of Christmas wish lists, etc. Their to-do list goes on and on. But this year, they're making a change. Santa got them the best present of all. It may not come wrapped in pretty packaging with a bow on top, but with the benefits, they don't mind!

A Day at The North Pole

It's a week before Christmas, but all of the elves have been trained to use the new system. Here's the daily mail! Letters are quickly scanned in huge volume batches into a document management system, where they are organized perfectly. Christmas lists are sorted and go into the files of every child in the world, making sure Rudolf can whiz like a Saber jet just in time to fill every wish.

The elves are also busy remodeling three stories of space because of all of the room document management has freed up. I think they're making it into a day spa. Now, all the children in the world have digital folders, containing every Christmas letter, wish list, and even a record of their naughty and nice history from last year.

So little Charlotte can sleep soundly, knowing that her letter hasn't been lost, it won't be forgotten, and her wish will show up in a week in her stocking.

If you would like to bring your business up to par and compete with the North Pole, give us a jingle, we'll make your wishes come true, too.