Introducing ViaWorks for Document Imaging

Paper is not up to the challenge of the real-time enterprise. This simple fact is why many companies have invested in multifunction peripheral devices (MFP). While implementing these systems is an important first step to increasing productivity by converting documents to a more usable document format, one challenge persists: putting in place the indexing and retrieval support that helps your users find and access the information they need once it's scanned onto the network. Without this, you may quickly discover you've simply turned paper no one can find into digital files no one can find either, impacting intended productivity gains.

ViaWorks™ for Document Imaging solves your digital landfill problems. It's the no-hassle enterprise indexing software that makes it really easy for your users to find and access scanned files wherever they're stored. And combine them with related Microsoft Office files (and 85+ other file types) in the same screen. The result: better searchability and shareability of documents, improved process productivity and increased ROI on your existing document infrastructure.